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 Muhammad Shafay


IEEE has always been on the top. There is no doubt that IEEE is a gold-mine of technical information for researchers around the globe. 

I urge the freshmen to join our IEEE family as I believe, being a member of such an active and growing society will provide you with different opportunities to work with each other and with your seniors. And will help you over-come the social awkwardness that you may have coming into this new place. This year, we ere planning to take IEEE PIEAS Student Branch to new heights. It is my final year at this institute, so I intend to leave my mark. This year we will try to win more awards for our branch so that our branch and our institute could be appreciated and acknowledged for our efforts and so that we can get more recognition for PIEAS, as it is, still, a rather unknown University.

Being a part of IEEE PIEAS SB, just understand how to manage your IEEE experience and membership on the right way, not only to feel the real benefits of being a part of this huge family but also to make your journey wonderful!

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 Ujyara Saleem


Life won't be fun if it's not surprising. If everything goes according to the plan you'll never get a chance to explore your red abilities to deal with hitches you'll face in your life.

IEEE provides you with all the opportunities to find the best in you. It's been more than three years I'm part of this society. From being on IEEE member to Chairperson WIE, it's been a long journey. You have tools and it's up to you what you really want to do. IEEE is all about us. Together, a family bonding experience aiming to create prodigious roller coaster ride that is worthwhile for all of you. Looking forward to create new dimensions.

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Talha Chaudhary

(Chair IEEE PIEAS CS Chapter)

I joined this IEEE family in 2015 as a volunteer and later on I served this society as Head External Affairs. The Department of Computer Science of PIEAS launched this program in 2015 and I joined it in the First Batch of DCIS.

I remember when I joined PIEAS, there was no society which could represent the Computer Science Department. At that time the senior members of IEEE PIEAS SB welcomed us and showed their willingness to open a chapter of Computer Science for us on behalf of IEEE and we worked together to initiate CS chapter and now we are almost there and soon you people will hear a good news.

During last two years, IEEE PIEAS SB has made its way to the top branches of Islamabad Section. IEEE PIEAS SB is not just a branch but a family to me. IEEE will give you exposure and encouragement to face the challenges and also gives you the opportunity in building your self confidence. Now its your turn to join this family and take it to its zenith. I welcome you all to be a part of this splendid platform .

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Zoha Rashid

Secretary - WIE

Muhammad Burhan

Vice Chairperson - CS Chapter

Momina Liaquat Ali

Secretary - CS Chapter

Mudasser Afzal

Joint Secretary - CS Chapter

Usama Rehman

Finance Secretary - IEEE

Executive Committee

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