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IEEE PIEAS WIE AG was honored to have hosted this years WIE International Leadership Summit with the theme “The broken kind of beautiful”. The event comprised of multiple motivational sessions and workshops which provided with the participants to learn from the experiences of such motivational speakers and provided with drive for women to push forward, break barriers in this stereotypical world and inspire others to work towards the betterment for women in our society.

IEEE Insight'19

For the introduction to the society for the freshmen, IEEE PIEAS SB organised IEEE INSIGHT'19 and IEEE Day'19 which provided with a brief introduction to the society and its goals. The freshmen were provided with ample knowledge of the society and its perks where they came to know how IEEE provided a pathway to use their theoratical skills into the practical world and learn more about the professional environment beforehand.

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STEP session

IEEE PIEAS Student Branch and WIE PIEAS Affinity group arranged a STEP session at PAEC Model School under the umbrella of WIE STAR Program with the aim of raising awareness and developing interest in STEM among the children of our future generation. This session, comprising of many STEM-related fun Activities, was aimed to give the student a break from their daily studies, to bring out the creativity within them, and give them an open platform to express their talent without having the fear of failure.

Recent Advances in Electrical Engineering (RAEE) SYMPOSIUM – 2018

2018 International Symposium on Recent Advances in Electrical Engineering (RAEE) will be organized by PIEAS, Islamabad and IEEE PIEAS SB on October 18-19, 2018, under the umbrella of IEEE Islamabad Section.

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Global UGRAD Exchange Program Information Session

Recently, around 20 of the IEEE PIEAS SB members had the honor of being selected for the Global Undergraduate Exchange Program by the USEFP. WIE PIEAS AG along with the accepted UGRAD Alumni, conducted an information session regarding the application process, interview preparation etc., to encourage and facilitate aspiring students to avail this opportunity for the coming year.


This year IEEE PIEAS SB has been honored to host (PSYWSC’18). It is very big achievement for IEEE PIEAS SB. This prodigious and impeccable event will be hosted on 3rd and 4th November of 2018. The event will embody different technical workshops, conferences on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and connectivity around the globe, industrial tours, and many other non-technical activities like trip to renowned places of Islamabad.



IEEE PIEAS SB monumentally organized IEEE Insight. In which the new batch students were briefed about the predominant IEEE organization. The perks of joining IEEE that how IEEE provide golden scaffold to scrutinize the contrivance of theoretical knowledge into practical world. By the end of this event students were solicitous to become astir member of society and to work for better tomorrow.

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