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IEEE is the world’s largest professional association for the advancement of technology.

Through its global membership, IEEE is a leading authority on areas ranging from aerospace systems, computers and telecommunications to biomedical engineering, electric power and consumer electronics.

Being one of the leading successful IEEE Student Branch, IEEE PIEAS SB aims to fulfill necessary needs for students in engineering. It has gained a remarkable position in Region 10 and emerging as one of the best IEEE Student Branches because of the continuous efforts and enthusiasm.

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There's work and there's your life's work.


The kind of work that has your fingerprints all over it.

The kind of work you'd never compromise on.

That you'd sacrifice a weekend for.

You can do that kind of work here.


People don't come here to play it safe.

They come here to swim in the deep end.

They want their work to add up to something.


Something big.

Something that couldn't happen anywhere else.


Welcome to IEEE PIEAS SB!

Counselors' Note!

Dr. Haroon-ur-Rashid

As the Branch Counselor of the IEEE Student Branch at PIEAS, I have the responsibility to make sure that our branch excels in fostering technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. My mission is to facilitate the student's interest and enthusiasm to explore the engineering world and to fulfill their demands. IEEE is the best platform to guide and satisfy their thirst of Engineering knowledge. For the past few of years, different student Executive Committees have put in tremendous amount of efforts to maintain the level and the honor of IEEE and PIEAS both.

In last few months the students have done wonders by organizing technical events such as: Islamabad Section Congress'16, PION'17, IEEE Islamabad Industrial Biennale'17 and IEEE Insight'17 to name a few. The student members of our branch have very good interaction with other branches.

I get very excited when I hear the plans of my executive committee for the year 2017-18. Becoming a member of IEEE gives a lot of value to a student. I hope in the coming years many more students will join IEEE and avail the benefits which will help them shape up their career.

Dr. Haroon-ur-Rashid

Dr. Waqas Ahmad

“NEVER surrender pursuing your dreams. Work very hard, be very strong, be very methodical, draw up an action plan for every life project but also improvise, and above of all never lose motivation and desire to be the best!”

This is what I usually quote being the IEEE PIEAS SB Counselor. What I love the most about being the Counselor is the opportunity I get, to help my students become more happily involved in doing what they love to do and in making a difference.

IEEE is the world leader in engineering and computing - it brings together the lead engineering and computing societies for the best programs all over the world. It really is about advancing technology for humanity. You can do “advancing technology” in a lot of ways, especially doing research or working as professionals, but also including educational. I am also passionate about what the “for humanity” part can do. Whether it’s a pre-college/STEM outreach or helping humans with the harder humanitarian activities we’re currently leading.

My advice to every IEEE member is to see senior membership as your goal because you never know when you might want to do something that requires the eminence of being a senior member. And be creative, use your superpowers for good and don't be boring.

Dr. Waqas Ahmed


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Membership includes subscription to IEEE SpectrumThe Institute, electronic access to IEEE Potentials via IEEE Xplore, access to the IEEE Job Site, memberNet, exclusive programming, GoogleApps@IEEE, and many more benefits.

IEEE Latest News!


Call for Hosting - WIE STAR Program

"WIE STAR of the Year" Award and Special Feature in the WIE Islamabad Magazine for the
Best WIE STAR hosting Student Branch Affinity Group(s)
• Certificate of Appreciation for all the hosting Student Branch Affinity Groups

Details: WIE STAR
Deadline: 30th June, 2019


Call Open - Region 10 WIE Volunteers Awards

"We appreciate all our volunteers for their year-end efforts in spreading WIE's message across
region 10 and even beyond! Here's your chance to get recognized and rewarded for your efforts."

Apply at: R10 WIE Awards
Deadline: 27th May, 2019


Women In Engineering International Leadership Summit'19

"IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Summit as a global extension of the IEEE WIE ILC
aims to harbor regional opportunities to cultivate networking, leadership and integration of diversity."

"Being Hosted By - IEEE PIEAS WIE AG in Fall 2019"


Call for Hosting - OPENING SOON

"IEEE Islamabad Section Congress ISYWSC'19"


Call for Hosting - OPENING SOON

"Ethics Competition"



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